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One of my favorite and most memorable trips I've ever been on. Antarctica is the most magical of places -- from the ENORMOUS mountains covered in hundreds of feet of snow, to the glaciers, to the beautiful marine life all around it's a whole other planet.  We travelled with National Geographic, and were lucky enough to share this experience with renowned scientists and conservation photographers. 


I've never felt so disconnected from reality here. And I just adored every minute of it. There's something to be said about being alone -- truly, alone -- that allows you to access parts of your mind that are otherwise preoccupied in the daily musings of modern society. Being able to look up into the sky without your view being obstructed by a plane, and  look onto mountains knowing very well that no human has ever stepped on that land in all of human history, is just awesome. It's so easy for us to  forget how insignificant we all are in the grand scheme of things. Life existed on this planet billions of years before our ancestors first inhabited it, and will continue to exist long after we're gone. 

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